Create the life you've




Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein


Imagine your authentic life,

choose a coach to act as a partner in helping you create goals, strategies, and the accountability

that feels right to you.

A good coaching experience can be eye-opening, rewarding, and even fun.

Coaching is a co-created learning experience where you can create the life you've imagined.  

Let's talk about how.

Online Coaching and Consulting

The Life Order Coaching mission is to help you identify your goals, remove barriers, and create a structure to support future success.

In addition to considering it an honor to walk this path with you, I believe it can be an energizing and joyous experience.  

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Here's how coaching can help. 

It can happen to all of us. We begin to search for a constructive way to create change. Our goals and dreams may have evolved while our lifestyle hasn't kept up. That nagging feeling is nature's way of telling you you're ready to take the next step. 


Coaching is the perfect catalyst for transformation in our lives. It's a co-created partnership between the coach and client that focuses on goals and challenges for your individual benefit. This is one of the few relationships where the focus is solely on you and your growth.


Coaching builds a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.


It's a positive way to see yourself, your opportunities, and the world around you with fresh eyes, develop new habits, and build accountability. 


Do you want to build a personal or professional lifestyle that matches your interests, passions, and skills more authentically? Coaching asks the questions that help you with deep self-reflection, set realistic goals, and begin to take steps toward the life you have imagined. 

Have you gone through a divorce or grieving period and now want to move on. It can be difficult to get back on track, but as an empathetic, understanding coach, I can gently work with you to strengthen resiliency, move forward with compassion, and build anew. 

Are you looking for ways to work with your ADHD? There are many ways to enhance the talents ADHDers already have. There are also many ways to improve communication skills between ADHD and non-ADHD couples.  

Including self-care in our lives is more important than ever now.  It's especially true for those caring for others. If you're a caregiver working on overdrive, coaching can be the perfect way to relearn the skills needed to gain the strength and energy needed to be there for others.  

Are you adjusting to working at home and striving for organization and efficiency? Has getting a handle on your home office, documents, and financial records been on your list for a while? Life Order Coaching also offers consulting in this area. The results can provide a surprising sense of relief while preparing you with the information you need to move forward.  

Please explore my website to learn about what inspired Life Order Coaching, the packages available to you,

and schedule your free consultation today.


That restless feeling usually means you're ready for change.

Coaching is a great catalyst for change.
It's a trusted, encouraging, and non-judgmental partnership focused on accountability, learning, and positive change.



“Sue uses her expertise, patience, and reflective listening techniques to inspire clients to live their best life."

Environmental Advocate

“Sue gave me vital insight, guidance, and help when I couldn't see a clear path toward my goal of starting my own business ... Sue helped me remove obstacles and she gave me the clarity I thought I'd never find! Her skills as a coach are thoroughly recommended." 


“Daily, I come across things I relate with you and am thankful for your assistance. I was too disorganized to recognize what I needed help with, but you delicately steered me ... You are a natural at helping people. Those lessons you (always calmly) pass on are absorbed across time."

Coaching & Organizing Client

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