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  • Are you looking for a constructive way to work toward your goals, develop new habits, and be accountable?

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About Life Order Coaching

Coaching is a catalyst for change. It's a co-created, partnership between the coach and the client, focusing on your goals and your challenges, for your individual benefit.


Coaching helps to build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. 


Life Order Coaching follows a 3-step process: 

  • creating awareness  (via questions),

  • taking action (challenging you to take small steps via homework or experiments),

  • and learning (from the homework and from creating new habits.) The results are used to learn about patterns that work for you.


It could also be described as a partnership focusing on your goals, at your pace. No one knows your needs, values, and goals better than you. We explore them, and work toward fulfilling them.


The environment is free of judgment. 


Coaches provide honesty with kindness for a positive learning environment.


Coaches can help clients achieve personal and professional goals and address a host of issues.

With Life Order Coaching, we will focus on your  your strengths. Coaching is about helping you envision and create a life designed to work specifically for you ~ including your values, strengths, and passions. Together, we identify positive steps to create real change.

I work with neurotypical individuals as well as those with ADHD.  If you have ADHD, you know it comes in different forms. Inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive, and combined.  Each can manifest a little differently. However, knowledge is power.  Understanding can position us to try solutions that work with our personal learning style and modalities. Your authentic life awaits.  

This may help with some of your questions.

Here are just a few areas where Coaching can help:

  • goal setting and achievement

  • moving past obstacles and stagnation

  • activation and motivation

  • productivity, time management, and prioritization - trading busy for productive

  • scaffolding (creating routine and structure to support success) 

  • creating a healthy lifestyle and self-care practices which are essential to reducing stress and achieving goals 

  • maximizing your personal learning styled

  • developing organizational, planning, and problem solving skills

  • understanding your personal learning style, values, and needs and the importance they play related to your happiness

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • examining or reframing our perspectives

  • improving relationships via communication 

  • creating awareness of the impact and challenges of ADHD

  • executive function skills (an umbrella term used to describe the ability to plan, focus, process information, and persevere in order to complete a task.

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Life Order Coaching is for women who want to recreate their personal and professional lives, overcome challenges, and become resourceful. 

It's also for women who want to better understand their ADHD.

Life Coaching

ADHD Specific


Time Management

Self Care

Home Office Organization/



Together we can create your authentic life.  Let's start today. 

“Sue uses her expertise, patience, and reflective listening techniques to inspire clients to live their best life."   

- Environmental Advocate

"Sue gave me vital insight, guidance, and help when I couldn't see a clear path toward my goal of starting my own business…Sue helped me remove obstacles and she gave me the clarity I thought I'd never find! Her skills as a coach are thoroughly recommended."

- Entrepreneur 

“Daily I come across things I relate with you and am thankful for your assistance. I was too disorganized to recognize what I needed help with, but you delicately steered me… You are a natural at helping people…those lessons you (always calmly) pass on are absorbed across time."

- M.D.